At Re-naissance Gallery our purpose is to RE-STORE; everything we do is about bringing life back into old, used, damaged or salvaged precious items, art, furniture, frames and almost anything that can be RE-PURPOSED for a better and more rewarding use!

Our specialities include the delicate and complex skill of ART and FRAME RESTORATION. Our unique partnership was cemented whilst both working in this specialized field and we are committed to serving our community with expert conservation of all art mediums; such as oils, acrylics, watercolor, paper conservation, sculptor, ceramic and porcelain repair.

We are passionate about  FURNITURE RENOVATION -we are able to repair, refurbish, repaint and restore any piece of furniture, whether it be antique or a garage sale find.

Perhaps your piece of furniture or decor item simply needs a new existence: Re-naissance Gallery takes great pleasure in RE-PURPOSE and RE-DESIGN. We are driven to creatively salvage what was once old and worn out to make beautiful and useful once again.