Frame Restoration and Conservation

Frames are such an interesting piece of art in itself, yet they are often neglected and neither given the respect they deserve. They are more intricate and complex than they appear.

Maria Laying Gold Leaf

Frames can be made up of a variety of mediums; ranging from gesso, veneer wood, hand carved exotic solid wood, molded carved veneer….no matter, all frames are vulnerable to aging, damage, weather deterioration and environmental conditions that threaten their substance and structure.

Antique frames are traditionally made of gesso and then gilded- which is the application of applying fragile layers of gold leaf sheet to the frame. This aesthetically enhances the frame, creating an impressive and alluring character.

Frames are meant to protect and support the artwork that they hold, but the correct frame for the right piece of art is an integral part of the presentation of the art. However, the frame must enhance – not distract from- the painting and keep it safe.

Re-naissance Gallery are experienced in the art of frame restoration and we look forward to providing you with the best service:

  • Repair –  molding or casting of missing pieces on a frame
  • Rejoining open corners
  • Securing loose or broken pieces
  • Sanding, stripping, staining or painting
  • Application of Gold or Metal Leaf
  • Antiquing