Furniture Renovation & Repurpose


At Re-naissance Gallery we are committed to re-use, repair, refurbishing and re-purpose.

We get excited about stylish, functional and innovative ideas to creatively transform your worn-out furniture, or any other loved functional or decorative possession in your home into a new usable state or renewed purpose.

Our primary motivators for the desire to re-use are understanding our clients economic needs; the obligation to be environmentally aware of waste; the exciting design trends that lean toward sustainability and the massive demand for re-purposing old, unused items into usable home furnishings!


Cabinet Before Restoration


Cabinet After Restoration table

Upcycle, Remake, Refinish, Rejuvenate

And whats not to like? Together we can help save something from a landfill, saving energy and resources; all while helping you to achieve the design look that you desire in your home.

As furniture restorers, we see possibility in everything. We offer the following services:

  • repairs and refinishing
  • antique repair and restoration structural repair
  • sanding, filling in deep dents and scratches paint removal
  • staining
  • custom color re-painting